Webinar: Digital Transformation of the Vehicle Design Cycle

Date: March 22, 2023
Time: 8:30 AM (Eastern US)

The automotive industry is going through the most disruptive times in the recent history. The industries’ focus on moving from traditional Propulsion Systems to Batteries and Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and autonomous driving are fueling this disruption at a massive scale. These changes combined with the need to reduce product development lifecycle and minimize physical testing has brought CAE on the critical path of product development.

In this webinar we will dive into how the automotive industry and CAE have evolved over the past few decades and inspect the needs of the future. We will unravel some of the CAE capabilities and the need of “Rapid CAE Results Review” required for automotive organizations to meet the future objectives and how VCollab is strategically positioned to contribute to this vision.

Presenter: Mario J. Felice

Mario is the Principal and Founder of virsolTech Engineering Consulting, which provides automotive engineering experience to software tech companies, helping them create “simple and practical” integrated simulation solutions for driving a faster and more efficient product development cycle.


Currently, consulting for leading technology simulation companies implementing fast-paced methods for driving process efficiency, design robustness, and innovative solutions for electrical propulsion systems, including motor and battery units. He serves as a member of the NAFEMS Council (Board of Directors) and the NAFEMS America’s Steering Committee.


Mr. Felice recently retired as Global Manager for Powertrain Calibration, Controls and NVH CAE at Ford Motor Company. While at Ford, headed a large team of CAE engineers located in North America, Europe and India, leading all analytical efforts to deliver Ford’s global powertrains for best performance, fuel economy, drivability and sound quality. Mr. Felice has published and presented at many international symposiums & conferences and been invited numerous times as a visiting professor at the Universities of Rome, Naples and Salerno in Italy.

Presenter: Evan Brennan

Evan is a Sr. Application Engineer with VCollab. As a seasoned CAE applications expert, he has spent his career working to help organizations apply and leverage the transformative power of CAE technologies to increase efficiency in the product design cycle and improve product performance.


After working at a large software OEM for many years applying unique pre-processing and solver technologies, Evan joined VCollab to apply this experience to a new part of the CAE workflow. With VCollab, he is helping companies streamline their simulation results review processes in order to go from data to decision faster and more effectively than ever before.

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