VCollab Pro

VCollab Viewers were evolved over a decade of research and interactions and guidance from the auto and aero industry leaders and addresses key CAE related data mining, visualization and post processing issues. VCollab viewers were designed to be smart, fast, improve the productivity of analysts and improves the CAE data collaboration.

VCollab Pro is a high-performance CAX data visualization, post processing, data mining and report generation tool for CAX data on Desktops/Laptops/Graphics Clusters.

Please contact support@vcollab.com for the evaluation copy.


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Key Features

  • View & Post process large CAX data effortlessly
  • Data mine the CAE data to find hot spots in CAE models/results using easy to use templates
  • Automatic & smart finding of hot spots and creation of important views/viewpoints
  • Easy to use CAX model & results compare capabilities
    • Study the differences in the results between load cases
    • Study the differences in results between the CAE iterations
    • Study the differences in the shape/geometry/mesh between models from
      • CAD to CAD
      • CAD to CAE
      • CAE to CAE
      • CAD ot CAM
      • Shape optimizations
  • Create XY plots easily from 3D CAE data and store them along with the 3D CAE data
  • Create and save the CAE annotations
  • High performance dynamic sectioning
  • Easy to use measuring capabilities
  • Study and manage the display of the large assemblies/parts easily using the attribute based filters
  • Ability to merge/overlay multiple models from CAD or CAE iterations into one visual for comparison studies
  • The data mining & the automated CAE report generation capabilities help analysts to reduce their time to post process & make CAE reports by 90%
  • High performance graphics
    • Smooth graphics to handle large CAE models/simulations with walkthru capability
    • Ability to walkthru inside the 3D crash/blast simulations and post process crash results
  • Creating Stereo Views for immersive visualization and walkthrus
  • CAX data can be exported to
    • 3D PDF : For easier sharing of CAD/FEA/CFD data within the enterprise or with suppliers
    • JT : Help JT community to get CAE data from variety of FEA & CFD formats into JT
    • STL : For 3D Printing of CAD & CAE models with out color
    • VRML : For 3D Printing of CAE models with color contours
    • Images
    • Videos
    • GIF animations


  • Smart data mining & ultra fast post processing improves analysts productivity
  • Smart tools to perform multi design or analysis comparisons & studies
  • Reduce analyst's time to make CAE reports
  • Smart & fast Visualization of large CAE Models and Simulations
  • Provide 3D Immersive Visualization solutions for better understanding of designs and simulations
  • Makes CAE data sharing easy for improved collaboration between analyst & designer and also improves the supplier collaboration
  • Enables multi disciplinary visualization for deeper understanding of the systems
  • Improves the CAE collaboration among the analysts, designers, test engineers and suppliers.

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