VCollab Products are Tailored to Bring About CAE Process Automation

VCollab Product Features

Explore simulation results from multiple tools in one merged file.

MultiPhysics and MultiView make it possible to combine results from all your CAE and CAD tools, enabling your teams to make decisions using complete information.

In CAE post-processing, Hotspots highlights critical results, making it easy for teams to focus on important information. Since hotspots are automatically identified in VCollab, the potential for error is reduced.

VCollab Product Features

View and compare consolidated results in 3D.

3D ViewPoints provide complete simulation information in the form of interactive 3D views replacing 2D PowerPoint reports that omit key information.

SmartCompare highlights differences in simulation results for team members. Design teams can view multiple design variants, compare cross-sections, and analyze multiple stress loads in a single, fully interactive model.

Annotations help simulation engineers to display critical result details and documents design decisions within the context of full 3D models.

VCollab Product Features

Collaborate across teams, geographies, and organizations.

Your design, release, and manufacturing teams can collaborate on the Actionable Simulation Insights provided by VCollab, regardless of location or timezone.

You can also share simulation insights with OEMs and your global supply chain without risking your IP. VCollab simulation insights don’t reveal the underlying math behind your designs.

VCollab Demo

In this 5 minute demo, watch a simulation analyst create and share actionable simulation insights with engineers ― see the full cycle of proposed changes in CAE post-processing being incorporated and new simulation insights being created and shared.

See what your teams gain with VCollab.

VCollab Products

VCollab Products - VCollab Pro

VCollab PRO

Experience CAE process automation in entirety creating actionable simulation insights from multiple simulation reports and share across teams, locations, and supply chains. With automatic report generation create shareable 3D simulation insights ― create 3D sharable simulation insights in minutes, not hours or days. Automatically identify hotspots and create fully interactive 3D reports for engineers and others in the design and manufacturing team.

VCollab Products - VCollab Presenter


Explore simulation insights in-depth, including annotations, animations and peak results. Manipulate simulation information to achieve a deeper understanding of the insights. Add annotations, which are linked to the model for full traceability.

VCollab Products - VCollab WEB

VCollab WEB

View actionable simulation insights, including annotations, animations, and peak results, from an HTML browser.

CAX writer API

Tools and Technology

CAX - Frame

CAX: The Powerful Format that Enables VCollab

CAX is a vendor-neutral standard format for analysis, collaboration, and long-term storage of simulation results. It merges disparate CAE results and CAD geometry, augments CAE and CAD data with simulation insights including HotSpots and Annotations, and compresses data into manageable file sizes.

  • Enables Actionable Simulation Insights

  • Reduces the need for expensive CAE licenses just for viewing purposes

  • Eliminates the need for multiple CAE post-processors

  • Reduces the number of software vendors IT needs to manage

  • Facilitates CAE Process Automation


Smart Extraction Tools for CAE Post-Processing

Extract information from CAE, CAD and in-house design tools, for merging into VCollab files. Captures key parameters and metadata from native CAE files, retains assembly structures, parts lists and names from CAD geometry, reduces file sizes, and automates key processes.

Agile Implementation

Agile Implementation

VCollab’s Agile Evaluation and Implementation Process

Getting started with VCollab is fast, easy, and low-risk, ensuring CAE process automation and better collaboration:

  1. Commit to pilot

  2. VCollab reviews your data and standard simulation report structure

  3. VCollab creates a sample report automation script

  4. Your teams use VCollab to validate the benefits

  5. Implement using a phased deployment process

  6. See value from Day 1

Save analyst time, share intelligent simulation insights, collaborate more effectively, build better products.

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