VCollab NSights

From Results to Decisions

As companies in all industries move away from the traditional expense and time associated with physical testing, CAE reporting is quickly becoming the most critical phase of product design and development. But traditional reporting processes often require a prolonged cycle of clarification and rework in order to arrive at informed decisions.

VCollab NSights provides a real-time clarity of CAE results – all in a fully interactive, browser-based, 3D viewing, environment.  VCollab NSights brings a new class of capabilities for quickly turning CAE results into the information needed to make informed product decisions.  New, advanced capabilities now enable analysts to view Product Trees as well as Dynamically Rotate/Animate, Clip, Explode, and Probe models allowing them to view results in non-annotated areas. 

With VCollab NSights, CAE Analysts, Engineers and stakeholders throughout the enterprise have the tools needed to extract the critical simulation information necessary to make fast, informed decisions.

Features & Benefits

  • Greater visibility into critical decision making
  • Provides clear insight into product performance
  • Supports timely product and production decisions
  • Provides view of multi-physics interaction for understanding complex systems
  • Lightweight data format enables rapid supplier integration
  • Speed of simulation reporting increases overall product quality, competitiveness, and innovation
  • Increased analyst productivity supports need for greater simulation

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  • See examples of VCollab NSights here.

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