VCollab 23.1 Product Suite Revolutionizes Product Development Collaboration

Leading visual collaboration technology provider, Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc. (VCollab), announces the launch of its groundbreaking VCollab Pro 23.1 Product Suite. Leveraging the power of digital 3D CAE data, VCollab redefines simulation post-processing and report writing, empowering CAE Engineers to create, review, and share Simulation Insights as Digital Slides/Reports with unprecedented efficiency gains of 60% to 90%.

Key software enhancements include:

  • Support for Abaqus 2023: VCollab now integrates with Abaqus 2023, enhancing compatibility and offering a streamlined experience for users.
  • MSC Adams Support Enhancements
    • Improved performance in Adams Animation: Smoother animations and enhanced visualizations, optimizing the graphics experience.
    • 2D Plots for Adams history data: Generate 2D plots and automated reports for Adams History data, providing efficiency and deeper insights into ADAMS simulation results.
  • Enhanced PyTools
    • Instance Browser Tool with Instance Deletion capability: The new Instance Browser Tool enables easy management of instances, with the added functionality to delete instances conveniently.
    • Set Legend Tool with Load and Save Legends: Leverage the Set Legend Tool to load and save legends effortlessly, enhancing customization options.

A New Class of Tools

In today’s fast-paced product development landscape, engineering analysis plays an increasingly crucial role, driving innovation and delivering upfront design insight. However, this shift presents new challenges for CAE teams, who are tasked with providing comprehensive analysis and reports within tight timelines, often without additional resources.

VCollab offers a new class of Digital Tools that empower analysts to streamline post-processing, digital slide/report creation through smart tools and intelligent automation. With VCollab analysts can create simulation insights as digital slides/reports, and focus on performing simulation analysis, presenting and reviewing results with stakeholders, and making informed design decisions rapidly.

In an era where compressed product development cycles demand swift action, VCollab’s Digital Tools provide analysts with the means to rapidly generate simulation insights as digital slides/reports. By automating labor-intensive tasks and offering intuitive features, VCollab ensures that analysts can devote more time to performing in-depth simulation analysis, effectively presenting and reviewing results with stakeholders, and ultimately making well-informed design decisions with confidence and efficiency.

Rapid CAE Results Review

Prasad Mandava, CEO, and Founder of VCollab, elaborates on the significance of VCollab’s offerings in the evolving product development landscape.

“Simulation is no longer limited to failure analysis; it has become instrumental in providing invaluable upfront design insights and driving innovation. While this transformation unlocks numerous benefits, it also presents challenges for CAE teams, who face mounting pressure to deliver more analyses and reports in less time, often without the luxury of additional staff. This is precisely where VCollab steps in, offering a new generation of Digital Tools that enable analysts to reduce post-processing time, create compelling digital slides/reports, and prioritize simulation analysis, presentation, and informed decision-making.”

Unlike traditional CAE reporting methods, which struggle to meet the demands of today’s digital product development environment, VCollab streamlines post-processing, digital reporting, and dynamic results reviewing. This empowers analysis and design teams to visualize, investigate, annotate, review, share, and archive simulation results from multiple CAX sources seamlessly.

  • See this presentation to learn what’s new in VCollab Pro 23
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About VCollab

Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc. (VCollab) is a leading provider of cutting-edge product development visual collaboration technologies. VCollab offers a range of innovative solutions that enable CAE Engineers and design teams to streamline their workflow, enhance collaboration, and make better, faster design decisions. With a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and simplicity, VCollab empowers organizations across industries to maximize the value of their simulation data, simulation resources and drive innovation forward.

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