Revolutionizing CAE Workflows: VCollab and Novus Nexus Partner to Propel End-to-End CAE Automation and Rapid Results Review

Cooperation puts smart rapid CAE results review into the hands of Novus Nexus users and opens the door for end-to-end automation for fast and efficient CAE analysis simulation and results interpretation.

TROY MI: NOVEMBER 1, 2023 – Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc. (VCollab), and Novus Nexus announce a partnership to streamline CAE results review and sharing to further accelerate product development cycles. The cooperation puts VCollab’s Rapid Results Review™ technology into the hands of Novus Nexus simulation automation users, replacing traditional 2D CAE analysis reporting and sharing, all the while granting VCollab users the possibility to smoothly integrate automatic preprocessing into their CAE workflows.

A big step towards digital transformation, this end-to-end automated simulation environment greatly improves the availability and understanding of product performance data to enable better, faster design decisions.  Both Novus Nexus and VCollab solutions work with a broad range of solvers from leading vendors, allowing users to review and share CAE analysis results without leaving the CAE environment in which they are most comfortable.

Bruce Webster, PhD, and Prasad Mandava, both CEOs & Presidents of Novus Nexus and VCollab respectively, explain that having VCollab’s report generation capability baked into Novus Nexus’ end-to-end simulation automation strategy puts incredible flexibility and power into the hands of both design engineers and simulation specialists at every stage of the product development cycle.

“Novus Nexus has a long track record of fast, easy, and robust pre-processing automation. VCollab’s automatic report generation complements this technology with smart Rapid Results Review models instead of traditional 2D reports”, said Mandava. “Novus Nexus’ ability to automatically handle simulations with complex CAD geometries, together with VCollab’s interactive 3D report & Rapid Results Review capabilities, allow for high-fidelity and easy access failure investigations of whole assemblies, inside and out—a significant capability that has not previously been available with traditional automation and report generation approaches.”

“VCollab enables the creation of smart, interactive 3D CAE reports with the means to deliver engineering performance data for live design review, allowing better access for all PD stakeholders to innovate and brainstorm”, Webster weighs in. “Novus Nexus is excited to now drive the generation of this critical capability automatically within our flag ship product CAENexus. Together, we provide manufacturers with a new paradigm for end-to-end automated virtual performance interrogation that accommodates digital thread requirements. Simulation-ready CAD is the input, CAENexus the automation processor, and VCollab’s performance visualization the output for live dynamic design review and decision making. Very exciting! This innovation to reliably initiate CAD-to-solver, and now through to 3D models and Rapid Results Review, automatically and robustly is every bit as important as AI.”

About Novus Nexus 

Novus Nexus is the technology leader for easy and robust automation of simulation processes.  CAENexus, our unique “No-Code” automation processor enables simulation automation with minimal effort, similar to preparing a single simulation with traditional CAE tools.  Simulating better with us, customers considerably increase their simulation throughput with their existing teams, make correct design decisions faster, and streamline development processes, significantly raising their organization’s competitiveness.

Novus Nexus solutions work with various CFD and FEA solvers, naturally capture simulation know-how for consistent application of best practices, enable CAD designers to run dependable simulations, and optimize the use of simulation resources, both human and software.

About VCollab

Visual Collaboration Technologies (VCollab) has helped more than 100 manufacturers digitally transform their CAE processes and achieve better products by enabling 3D design review, providing comprehensive 3D simulation insights to be shared across teams, locations, and global supply chains.

Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, VCollab maintains sales and support offices throughout the United States and India. The company’s solutions are sold directly and through an extensive global network of representatives and partners. For more information visit

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