Generate 3D CAE Reports
Regardless of the CAE Solver You’re Using

We're living in a digital world... shouldn't your simulation reporting be a part of it?

Today’s products are designed, reviewed, shared, released, evaluated, tested, and printed – all in 3D. Yet for many, the crucial process of understanding and reporting simulation results is reliant on tools that are decades-old and not designed for today’s digital environment. 

Consequently, critical decisions are being made based on 2D, static simulation reports. This results in:

  • Low-fidelity reports that lack the detail to support key product decision-making
  • Inability to clearly communicate and share simulation insights with stakeholders throughout the organization and extended enterprise
  • Up to 30% of the CAE analysts time wasted manually creating and updating simulation reports often comprised of 2D static images

With VCollab, the model is the report!  Leveraging digital 3D data streamlines simulation post-processing and reporting across the extended enterprise including global OEMs and suppliers.

With on-demand access from any web-enabled device:

  • Design teams can explore simulation results making comparisons and annotations
  • Analysts can create, update, and share results in minutes
  • Authorized users can interrogate the design results in real-time
  • CAE Managers, Analysts, Designers, Release Engineers, and other stakeholders can freely collaborate to make informed design decisions

Listen to the Podcast

Brian Albright, Editorial Director of Digital Engineering Magazine and Prasad Mandava, VCollab CEO and Co-Founder, discuss the role of digital collaboration and 3D simulation reporting in supporting today’s accelerated product development processes.

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