Webinar: Enabling Open Standards-Based Digital Twins with New Visualization Technologies

Date: April 24, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM (Eastern US)


VCollab and Jonte Connect invite you to join a webinar to explore new capabilities in Simulation and Test Data Management and how to use ISO standards to increase the interoperability of engineering and PLM/ILS information.

We will explore such key topics as:

  • Digital Twins
  • IoT
  • Sensor Integration for AI and ML
  • Open Standards and Information Models
  • Simulation (FEM)
  • PLM
  • Visualization Technologies

CIO, digital transformation experts, engineering directors, simulation
engineers, and CAD/PLM managers will benefit from this webinar.


Professor Terje Rølvåg
Setting the scene! Rølvåg will define the term digital twin, describe use cases and introduce elements of digital twin architectures. He will share the potential of powerful visualization techniques to optimize the benefits of digital twins and pinpoint lack of such support in current applications.

Open Standards-Based Digital Twins
Mr. Henrik Galtung & Dr. Tuan Tran

Creating and maintaining digital twins requires a high level of interoperability and scalability among different data sources, formats, and applications. To address this challenge, Jotne has developed an approach based on the deployment of ISO 10303 STEP standards and ISO compliant repositories, which provide a common data model and a persistent data storage for digital twins.

This approach is showcased through several use cases from aerospace and high-tech mechanical industrial R&D projects, such as: METRIC (ESA), DEFINE (ESA), CRYSTAL (Lockheed Martin), Arrowhead Tools (EU Horizon 2020), KYKLOS (EU Horizon 2020), and dTHOR (EDF). These use cases demonstrate how Jotne enables digital twins by developing flexible systems that can scale and interoperate with downstream applications.

New Visualization Technologies
Sumit Jai Singh & Evan Brennan
VCollab is revolutionizing conventional post-processing and CAE reporting. In this presentation learn how VCollab users are leveraging this tool to their advantage. Instead of being confined to conventional reporting formats with limited simulation insights, your teams can collaborate and make more informed design and product decisions using VCollab’s 3D Digital CAE Reports.

With VCollab’s advanced technology, traditional post-processing and reporting time are significantly reduced, ranging from 60% to 95%. VCollab enables organizations to quickly review CAE results which helps in making design decisions faster. Rapid Results Review is the ability to quickly extract and visualize analysis results from a broad range of multi-physics solvers, skipping the time consuming manual post-processing process as we know it today and helping companies make faster and more informed design decisions.

Presentation, demonstration of results from the DEFINE project. VCollab prepared alignment and 3D comparison video and image of temperature mapping.

Questions from the audience.



Professor Terje Rølvåg
NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Trondheim

Professor Terje Rølvåg, is a distinguished and long-standing faculty member at NTNU. He employs a comprehensive engineering analysis approach in digital twin development. Through rigorous simulation and validation processes, He ensures that the digital twin accurately reflects the real-world behavior of the system under various conditions. Additionally, Rølvåg integrates sensor data and real-time monitoring to continually update and improve the fidelity of the digital twin, enabling predictive capabilities for performance optimization and maintenance planning.

Mr. Henrik Galtung
Portfolio Manager, Defense (Jotne Connect)

Mr. Galtung is the Portfolio Manager for Defence at Jotne Connect. He has a background in mechanical engineering and satellite payload design from NTNU. At Jotne, he has managed several R&D projects within the space (ESA), defence (EDF), and civilian industry (Horizon Europe) domains. His current role at Jotne sees him engaged in leveraging Jotnes expertise in data management and digital twins based on the open standard ISO 10303 towards the defense sector.

Dr. Tuan Tran
Product Owner EDMopenSimDM (Jotne Connect)

Dr. Tran is the product owner for Jotne Connect’s EDMopenSimDM, a specialized tool based on the ISO 10303 AP209 standard aimed at facilitating the correlation and management of heterogeneous simulation, engineering, and project data. He has a background in mechanical engineering and thermal analysis and design of a satellite payload and a doctorate in knowledge-driven automation for CAD-to-robotic welding. Since joining Jotne, he has continued to extend his knowledge in data modelling and the ISO 10303 standard through involvement in projects.

Sumit Jai Singh
Director of Customer Success (VCollab)

Sumit is Director of Customer Success at VCollab. Sumit began his career with Tata Technologies as a Technology Consultant, in which role he helped his clients adopt technology solutions that resolved their business problems. Being a problem solver and with a liking developed toward facing and helping clients, Sumit switched to Sales and managed Auto OEMs and Tier-1s in the Asia Pacific region.

Evan Brennan
Sr. Application Engineer (VCollab)

Evan is a Sr. Application Engineer at VCollab. As a seasoned CAE applications expert, he has spent his career working to help organizations apply and leverage the transformative power of CAE technologies to increase efficiency in the product design cycle and improve product performance.

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