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Creating customized 3D model based reports with VCollab

VCollab-MSC Software GmbH collaborative Webinar : Creating customized 3D model based reports with VCollab and tight integration with Simulation data management

Webinar: 9th July 2020, 16:00 – 17:00 h CET.

Engineers often have to create their simulation results as time-consuming reports in PowerPoint to share the information with their colleagues in design, approval and manufacturing. It’s impossible to manually integrate all the facts into the reports, yet they are the foundation on which decisions must be made.

VCollab combines these usable insights – from multiple simulation tools – into a single, compact, vendor-neutral format that can be viewed via a browser. And VCollab automates the process of generating these reports, saving valuable time for analysts. This provides design and release engineers with complete information. Even your global suppliers and OEMs can access these important insights.

Learn how to create interactive reports based on the 3D model and automate custom reports, reduce the size of your result files, and compare different variants. In a consistent, compact, neutral (independent of the FEM solver) format that you can view in a browser-based format.

  • Introduction
  • Live demo
  • The entire workflow from CAD model to MSC Nastran model to postprocessing
  • Tight integration with simulation data management and live demo
  • Discussion

Streamline design decision-making, improve simulation analyst productivity, increase collaboration across teams and geographies―and deliver better products.

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