VCollab NSights

Transforming CAE Reporting

VCollab NSights provides 3D CAE results – all in a fully interactive browser-based viewing environment.  The tool includes a number of advanced capabilities including the ability to “probe” models to view results in non-annotated areas. 
Now, CAE Analysts can control the type of information that is shared among different stakeholders within the design community.

Features & Benefits

  • Greater visibility into critical decision making
  • Provides clear insight into product performance
  • Supports timely product and production decisions
  • Provides view of multi-physics interaction for understanding complex systems
  • Lightweight data format enables rapid supplier integration
  • Speed of simulation reporting increases overall product quality and
  • Increased analyst productivity supports need for greater simulation
Learn More
  • See examples of VCollab NSights here.
  • Follow this link for information regarding the benefits that VCollab delivers to Analysts, Designers, and other simulation stakeholders.
  • Go here for a demonstration, pricing, or to learn more about how you can put VCollab NSights to work in your organization.

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