Webinar: Creating and Sharing Simulation Insights with Digital CAE Information



Post-processing CAE results and report generation are manual, inefficient processes that Analysts must perform often.  And simulation teams are being asked to perform up to 35% more CAE studies annually, often with little or no headcount increase.

Needless to say, leadership is looking for solutions that can provide more efficiencies in these process

VCollab InSights

VCollab NSights, is a new browser-based CAE viewing environment that transforms static PowerPoint slides into a collaborative, hi-fidelity, and interactive, 3D digital environment.

This webinar will present VCollan InSights and show companies are:

  • Moving from static, 2D PPT slides to interactive, 3D HTML Digital Information
  • Decreasing the time required to post-process and create CAE reports by 60-90%

By transforming the CAE reporting process into an interactive, 3D digital environment, VCollab NSights is helping to ensure product success better and faster design decisions.