Connecting the enterprise with Intelligent CAE Information for faster design decisions

The pressure on organizations today to do more simulation than ever before is increasing dramatically. There is a Drastic Reduction in Product Development Time!  By contrast, the number of resources that companies have dedicated to CAE analysis has not kept up with the increase in demand.  Due to the time and cost pressures of today’s competitive environment these organizations have moved or are moving to less physical testing and a greater emphasis on digital testing. This means that, simulation is no longer just for figuring out why components break; it must now be the basis for all decision-making. Easy and instant access to key simulation results throughout the development process and for all users who benefit from digital test results is critical for making timely design decisions.

To meet this new demand on simulation, new class of tools are needed to provide full 3D, WEB-based, interactive access and viewing of key simulation results & insights, allowing analysts, engineers, chief engineers, and requirements engineers to examine, discuss, and gain insight for faster design decisions.  This new class of solutions should be able to do the following.

  • Extract the key simulation data from many CAE solver results data and store that key data in a solver neutral & compact format
  • Extract meta data and the key simulation information and store that information in the Digital Form
  • Provide a WEB based 3D visualization and design review capability to analysts, designers and other stakeholders
  • Provide unified APIs to automate the results processing and extract the key Digital CAE Information
  • Provide interfaces to integrate this solution into bigger SPDM/PLM solutions

Quickly extracting valuable insights from simulation results (such as hotspots or areas of concern from across domains, physics, and solvers) and their instantaneous (dynamic, 3D, and real-time) communication with all stakeholders will pave the way for effective collaboration. This also allows for increased productivity, the effectiveness of CAE resources, and simulation results, as well as faster decision making with the highest confidence and quality.

This new class of tools are to be easily integrated and accessible in the SPDM environment as a value-added layer, allowing for a WEB-based simulation design decision platform.

During this presentation, the authors will discuss and demonstrate how these tools & capabilities can assist product development teams in moving from analysis to high-quality design decisions 90% more quickly, and how they can increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy in simulation-led decision making.

As a further demonstration of the value provided by these tools, the presentation will include a case study featuring GKN Automotive and the advantages that they have achieved in implementing this new class of tools.  In particular, this study will show the benefits that this interactive 3D environment have provided them in gaining greater, faster understanding of their simulation results.