In today’s accelerated product development environment companies are forced to examine all aspects of their current tools, processes, and resources, all to maximize their competitiveness. Often overlooked is the area that centers around processing, reviewing, and communicating CAE results. This is critical, as leading companies are increasingly shifting to a near zero prototypes process through […]

Today’s CAE teams are being asked to do more studies annually all while delivering results in less time to their design stakeholders and often with no headcount increase. Let’s look at the automotive industry as an example: Compressed Program Timing: New automotive EV programs are being delivered in 20-24 months as compared to 36 months just

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Today’s manufacturing companies face a three-tiered dilemma.  Product development cycles need to be dramatically reduced to remain competitive.  At the same time products are increasing in complexity while development budgets and resources remain static or are being decreased. This means that current tools and processes need to be fully examined and innovation becomes a critical

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Making Better Design Decisions Using 3D Digital CAE Slides for Simulation Results Processing, Reporting, Reviewing, & Refining Previous Designs From design through manufacturing, today’s new product development processes are driven by robust digital applications – with one notable exception. For many manufacturers and product development organizations, CAE analysis reporting for design validation and review remains

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VCollab’s VMoveCAE is a robust data translator that converts native CAE results files into ultra-compact, portable CAx files that are used to author 3D digital design reviews and reports. Features Compatible with a wide range of popular CAE tools Reduces CAE file sizes by filtering and compression (achieving up to 99% file size reduction) Eliminates

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VCollab’s product suite is a new class of tool that leverages digital 3D data to transform simulation post processing and report writing. VCollab’s Intelligent Automation allows CAE Engineers to create and share 3D digital slides 60% to 90% more efficiently for better, faster, decisions by your design stakeholders all while reducing or eliminating non-value-added manual

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In part 1 of this blog series, we presented the issues associated with how simulation reporting is done within many manufacturing and product development organizations. Now let’s look at a better way… Interactive 3D Reporting Through the development of live, 3D CAE reporting capabilities both the efficiency of the analysts, as well as the effectiveness

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Part 1: The Reporting Process The term “democratization” is defined as “The action of making something accessible to everyone”.  In today’s world, technology has made more and more information accessible to practically anyone who has a connected device with a browser.  While each of us has access to more information than we can imagine, knowing

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In this recent Rev-Sim interview, VCollab’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Steve Brown talks about the CAE reporting process and how VCollab is transforming the way analysis information is shared with engineering design and other stakeholders. What are you hearing about market trends that are impacting Simulation teams? Our customers from different industry verticals

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In a recent survey, 78% of those who participated identified “automation” as having made the single most important and meaningful contribution to mankind in the past one hundred years. Actually, that statement was completely made up. But if there were such a study, that number would likely be higher – much higher. Few advancements, if

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