Manufacturers are under pressure to develop and deliver innovative products. That’s no secret, it’s been this way for centuries. But what is new in recent years are expectations.  Advanced tools are drastically shortening the time to design, validate, and manufacture products. This not only raises the innovation bar but is raising expectations among stakeholders. And […]

VCollab’s Rapid Results Review capability vastly accelerates the process of going from CAE results to design decision making. This delivers significant time savings to the design process by automating the traditional manual, time consuming post-processing step. Here’s how it works: • Once computation is completed, analysis results can be automatically post-processed with areas of failure

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The pressure on organizations today to do more simulation than ever before is increasing dramatically. There is a Drastic Reduction in Product Development Time!  By contrast, the number of resources that companies have dedicated to CAE analysis has not kept up with the increase in demand.  Due to the time and cost pressures of today’s

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In today’s evolving digital landscape, product development teams are increasingly supporting a trend to “shift simulation to the left,” which means engineers and designers are performing simulation earlier in design and development cycles. By introducing simulation as an active part of development instead of a late-stage verification tool, development teams gain critical insights sooner to

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With the move to replace physical testing with virtual testing, the demands on today’s CAE analysts have risen exponentially. At the same time, increasing product complexity has added to the analyst’s dilemma as more multi-domain simulation studies are required to understand the interaction of these systems. Implications of this evolving analysis environment are serious and

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In today’s accelerated product development environment manufacturers are seriously reexamining current tools, processes, and resources to maximize the value they can derive from these investments. One area that has been frequently overlooked is the processing, reviewing, and sharing of CAE results. While most have been quick to address product development process inefficiencies through the deployment

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