The manufacturing industry’s movement towards zero physical prototype testing and the consequential shift towards increased digital testing represent a historic turning point in the simulation world. This transition highlights the critical need to embrace and implement new classes of tools to support the management and sharing of simulation results data. Foremost among these tools are […]

Overcome complicated processes with the use of agile, flexible CAD/CAM and PLM solutions that streamline workflow automation. CAE Workflows, Efficient CAE Analysis Simulation and Results Interpretation A partnership between Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc. (VCollab) and Novus Nexus empowers the design engineer and simulation specialist at every stage of the product development cycle.  In this collaboration, VCollab brings

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Does today’s product development process match current market demands or is it just a replica of the way we’ve “always done it”? Looking in from the outside, product development can often appear to be a sequential process on a one-way street running from design to production with a side trip for analysis. However, there are

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The time and mounting expense associated with physical testing is prompting manufacturers and product development organizations to explore other design validation options – and expanding the use of simulation is the obvious choice.  But how do companies increase simulation throughput without adding resources or further overloading their current staff of analysts? Glad you asked… Manufacturers

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With highly compressed product development schedules and limited CAE resources, day-to-day operations such as CAE reporting become a challenge with the traditional manual approach. To support confident product design decisions, analysis results must be instantaneously extracted and converted into actionable information, shared among stakeholders to address areas of concern, reviewed collaboratively to determine next steps,

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The heart of America’s automotive industry circles Detroit. The city watches as the Big Three automakers make their cars and trucks in its leafy suburbs. In between the assembly plants, every office building and industrial park seems to exist to provide a service to the auto industry. To the North, in Troy, Mich., is Visual

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In order to overcome CAE reporting obstacles,  VCollab provides “Digital 3D CAE Reports” with actionable simulation insights. This light-weight 3D visualization solution allows engineers to collaborate and make critical engineering decisions right from their browser. VCollab, a leader in providing actionable simulation insights, announces “VMoveADAMS” to support Adams multi body dynamic simulations in VCollab Suite

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“Pain points” and “automation” are all too frequently used in the same sentence. If you are creating detailed data engineering data models, whether in CAD or simulation, the last thing you want is a pain point where information transfer hits a wall. In many companies, one of those walls lies waiting when sharing simulation results with

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The Romax product suite now connects with the VCollab Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) reporting system to capture multi-physics product engineering analyses in 3D Digital Reports, helping transmission and powertrain engineering teams collaborate efficiently with any team member, supplier or customer through a web browser. Read the article here.