What is VCollab Pro?

VCollab’s product suite is a new class of tool that leverages digital 3D data to transform simulation post processing and report writing. VCollab’s Intelligent Automation allows CAE Engineers to create and share 3D digital slides 60% to 90% more efficiently for better, faster, decisions by your design stakeholders all while reducing or eliminating non-value-added manual tasks, and bottlenecks.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the features and functionality of these products beginning with:

VCollab Pro

Visualize, investigate, annotate, share, and archive results from multiple CAX sources using dynamic interactive and automated features. The experience is designed from the ground up to assist analysts in efficiently gaining improved understanding of design behavior and communicating key insights with all design stakeholders.

  • Utilize VCollab Pro’s “Intelligent Automation” to free up valuable time for analysts.
  • Create and save 3D interactive slides with annotations, plots, animations, and other enhancements to highlight critical simulation results
  • Unify CAE design reviews and reports into a single environment reducing the need for expensive CAE licenses and the number of applications to manage
  • Automatically compare different CAE results from multiple design iterations
  • Python language and low-code command file options for creation of customized tools or CAE slide/reports
  • Multiple report export options to support collaboration across different design and engineering customers
  • Create customized profiles for different users or simulation types
  • Walk through large CAE models or assemblies with stereo and immersive viewing

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