Rapid Results Review

VCollab’s Rapid Results Review capability vastly accelerates the process of going from CAE results to design decision making. This delivers significant time savings to the design process by automating the traditional manual, time consuming post-processing step. Here’s how it works:

• Once computation is completed, analysis results can be automatically post-processed with areas of failure identified and visually called out. This can be done by interactively querying results data with our automatic data mining & annotation or automatically through customized templates that evaluate your standard set of design metrics against requirement targets. This process creates interactive, 3D digital slides that can be utilized for Result Review presentations and sharing with Designers.

• VCollab’s 3D digital slides can then be immediately presented at Result Review meetings where they can be viewed interactively with the ability to quickly interrogate all aspects of the results data in real time, by zooming to hot spots, animating contours of defections, conducting additional post-processing, or displaying data in all sorts of graphical, 2D-3D plots, tables, and adding notes to key areas of interest….again, all in real time. This capability enables the Result Review team to quickly determine design change actions required to pass all design targets.

• Once the Result Review presentation has concluded, the 3D digital slides can be immediately shared with Release Engineers and CAD Designers in our interactive, 3D HTML format that can be viewed in any browser to help clearly drive all required design changes and minimize questions back to the Analyst.

• Furthermore, VCollab can quickly generate short & concise videos for executive program reviews and at program completion, VCollab can automatically generate the 2D report files for archiving.

Read the paper here.