Rapid Results Review™: A New Class of Tool for CAE Analysts

With the move to replace physical testing with virtual testing, the demands on today’s CAE analysts have risen exponentially. At the same time, increasing product complexity has added to the analyst’s dilemma as more multi-domain simulation studies are required to understand the interaction of these systems.

Implications of this evolving analysis environment are serious and solving them is of strategic value to manufacturers. VCollab’s CEO, Prasad Mandava explains that among the most serious challenges to analysts are time-consuming, tedious areas of work that minimize the use of the analyst’s expertise and knowledge. Such as the cutting and pasting of simulation results images into slides for presentation. Mandava believes that the situation is taking a toll on the analysts themselves.

“Traditional processes for post-processing and reporting simulation findings are too slow to accommodate accelerated development schedules coupled with the need for more CAE studies. These demands for more precise, accurate and insightful information delivered in support of design reviews without added time or resources is creating a stressful environment for analysts.”

Today’s complex products require interrogation at a system-level. For analysts this means the use of multiple simulation tools along with the integration of their individual results. The results are often very large files that cannot be shared with stakeholders in an easy or timely manner.

An Urgent Need

Addressing such challenges requires a re-evaluation of the tools and processes inherent in today’s simulation environment. What’s needed is a technology that is simple to use and easy to deploy that will allow design and other stakeholders to access simulation results quickly and accurately with enough detail to support rapid decision-making. This will Elimination or dramatic reduction of tedious, repetitive analyst tasks through intelligent automation.

Additional requirements for this new environment include:

  • Data analysis and visualization capabilities to quickly capture and communicate critical product areas.
  • Use of a single tool for post processing multi-physics results.
  • Automated capture and delivery of standard targeted results.
  • Common, integrated results output format that allows for the capture and viewing of multi-physics results on a single slide.
  • Highly compressed output files that can be viewed and shared on multiple devices without the need for specialized software or plugins.

The Solution

VCollab delivers a new class of tools that redefine the process of turning simulation results into rapid and informed decision-making. The VCollab unique environment for Rapid Results Review addresses each of these analyst challenges through:

  • Automation of tedious, time-consuming manual processes with digital tools.
  • Rapid and precise identification of key simulation findings to ensure data-driven certainty of decisions.
  • Real-time, visual collaboration with key stakeholders across the enterprise.
  • Ease of sharing graphical results data with the engineering teams using HTML capabilities.
  • A Scalable and flexible solution to address current as well as future data volumes, user bases as well as evolving strategies and methodologies.
  • Digital streamlining of the pathway from simulation results to design decisions.

VCollab has helped hundreds of CAE analysts quickly extract and visualize analysis results from a broad range of multi-physics solvers, skipping the time-consuming manual post-processing process as we know it today. This is helping companies make faster and more informed design decisions.