Organizational Benefits of Faster CAE Results Review

In today’s accelerated product development environment companies are forced to examine all aspects of their current tools, processes, and resources, all to maximize their competitiveness. Often overlooked is the area that centers around processing, reviewing, and communicating CAE results. This is critical, as leading companies are increasingly shifting to a near zero prototypes process through the drastic reduction and/or elimination of physical testing.

Here cutting-edge digital technology has been vastly underutilized to rapidly create, interpret, and communicate engineering analysis results between analysts and design groups. Consequently, in today’s environment where simulation is an established critical process element for driving design, the time required to communicate CAE insights using traditional, manual, 2D static mediums can’t deliver the fast and efficient design decisions required to support ever shrinking program times.

The VCollab software platform not only affects analysis and design teams, but also delivers bottom-line benefits to the organization and its stakeholders.  Let’s take a closer look at how rapid CAE results review impacts the organization.

VCollab Software

VCollab has helped more than 100 manufacturers digitally transform their CAE processes and achieve better products by enabling 3D design review, providing comprehensive simulation insights to be shared across teams, locations, and global supply chains. This is shown to deliver measurable and sustained results to the organization in four key areas: Design Decision Speed & Clarity, Risk Reduction, Resource Capacity, and Results Management.

Decision Clarity

VCollab is a single environment for multi-physics design review through the unifying CAx file format. Clarity of results is enhanced by visualizing the interaction of these heterogenous results on a single slide. And unlike static 2D images, VCollab’s interactive 3D results provide clear, unambiguous insight for faster, more confident design decisions.

Risk Reduction

VCollab unifies simulation data to provide a system-level design approach.   The software identifies “Hot Spots” areas of concern at system, sub-system, and component levels.  This allows engineering and design teams to quickly understand the impact of design changes and make fast design decisions at the product level.

Quality and innovation are enhanced with faster, more detailed simulation results leading design. This allows for the exploration of more deigns options without added time or cost.

Resource Capacity

Traditionally, CAE post-processing and reporting is a largely manual and time-consuming process. Organizations rely on the CAE analysts as the critical resource within these processes. Requiring these resources to devote countless hours to creating and recreating PowerPoint slide decks, spreadsheets, and similar static deliverables limits their capacity to engage in more simulation studies.

VCollab leverages the model itself to streamline post-processing. This frees analysts to devote their time to doing what they do best and focus on high-value work across multiple projects.

Results Management

VCollab provides a single source for storing and accessing simulation data. Because CAx result files are 80%-95% smaller than native result files companies have the capacity to archive these results.  The use of these archived results can provide value in both the current products and in directing decisions on future products.

It’s all About Maximizing Value and Development Process Efficiency!

Product development teams are created, funded, and evaluated with specific tasks and deliverables in mind.  Arming these groups with the best tools can help to maximize their expertise, design value and process efficiency.

Traditional tools and processes for understanding and communicating simulation results were not created to operate in today’s fast-paced digital environment. VCollab delivers a new class of 3D tools that form the foundation for rapid CAE results review and accelerated product development.

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