Enable Faster Product Design Decisions with SPDM and VCollab

In today’s evolving digital landscape, product development teams are increasingly supporting a trend to “shift simulation to the left,” which means engineers and designers are performing simulation earlier in design and development cycles. By introducing simulation as an active part of development instead of a late-stage verification tool, development teams gain critical insights sooner to inform designs, prevent design failure, save time and costs, and reduce time to market. As a result, simulations have evolved from supplementary tools to critical components in the product development process, offering a virtual means for testing and validating product designs, which, in many cases, significantly reduces physical testing and prototyping.

Though advantageous, this transition inundates design and development teams with a growing number of digital tools and greater amount of data. Simulation process and data management (SPDM) software, such as Ansys Minerva, helps companies embrace this digital transformation by enabling teams to manage simulations, data, workflows, and resources from one central database. But that’s not all. Minerva takes SPDM even further through integration with Visual Collaboration Technologies (VCollab) solutions, which automate and accelerate tedious post-processing simulation steps. VCollab’s unique digital capabilities are embedded within Minerva’s robust SPDM platform, creating a paradigm shift in computer-aided engineering (CAE) strategy. Together, Minerva and VCollab democratize simulation, enhance SPDM, and streamline product design with informed insights that accelerate confident decision-making.

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