Dynamic CAE Images/Reports for Faster Design Decisions 

For many years, simulation engineers and design engineers alike have circumvented the problem with large CAE result file sizes by using 2D slide presentations. The idea is to take screenshots of crucial results and paste them onto the slides. The resulting presentation can then be emailed and shared to all most anyone in the company.

While that solves the problem with size, it raises other issues. For one, presentations can not be viewed dynamically. Specifically, users cannot spin, pan or zoom to areas of interest in the results. Another issue lies in the inability to interrogate the values of results in other areas of interest. When you are reviewing screenshots of results in presentations, there is no ability to further investigate an issue.

This issue might seem troublesome, but it goes far beyond that.

  • During design reviews, design decisions can not be made without knowing exact details about performance. Too often, the decision is delayed until more views of the results can be shared. If it is a weekly meeting, that is a delay in the design process.
  • Similar issues arise when the simulation engineer / lead try to review the 2D CAE report from the global teams or CAE service suppliers/providers. When an off-shore engineer creates a 2D CAE report and sends it to his lead residing in another country, the lead is limited to view the 2D slides and it limits his ability to validate the CAE models and results. Often, he has to ask the off-shore engineer to send the large native results files. That is a delay in design validation / decision making.

VCollab offers smart solutions to easily create and share dynamic CAE Images/Reports to help the simulation teams to carry out effective design reviews and help reduce delays in designs validation.

Here are some examples of interactive images that can be put together as dynamic CAE report for effective design validations.

Dynamic Image/Model

( Click on the above model and press the mouse buttons and move them to interact with the 3D Simulation Model )

Links to more dynamic Images/Models

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