VCollab’s Rapid Results Review capability vastly accelerates the process of going from CAE results to design decision making. This delivers significant time savings to the design process by automating the traditional manual, time consuming post-processing step. Here’s how it works: • Once computation is completed, analysis results can be automatically post-processed with areas of failure […]

Overcome complicated processes with the use of agile, flexible CAD/CAM and PLM solutions that streamline workflow automation. CAE Workflows, Efficient CAE Analysis Simulation and Results Interpretation A partnership between Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc. (VCollab) and Novus Nexus empowers the design engineer and simulation specialist at every stage of the product development cycle.  In this collaboration, VCollab brings

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Does today’s product development process match current market demands or is it just a replica of the way we’ve “always done it”? Looking in from the outside, product development can often appear to be a sequential process on a one-way street running from design to production with a side trip for analysis. However, there are

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