Today’s CAE teams are being asked to do more studies annually all while delivering results in less time to their design stakeholders and often with no headcount increase. Let’s look at the automotive industry as an example: Compressed Program Timing: New automotive EV programs are being delivered in 20-24 months as compared to 36 months just

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In the Spring of 2023, VCollab hosted a thought-provoking webinar on the “Digital Revolution of the Automobile Design Cycle” presented by industry thought leader Mario Felice. Recently retired from Ford Motor Company (where he served as Global Manager of Powertrain Calibration, Controls, and NVH CAE) Mr. Felice will share his expertise and insights on how

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Throughout 2023, companies will begin to leverage Digital 3D CAE Slides more extensively to transform simulation results post-processing, reporting, and analysis results reviews. Designers, CAE managers, analysts, release engineers, and others will collaborate more freely and utilize the most accurate and rich Digital 3D CAE Slides to make key product design decisions. Read more here.

The challenge is to streamline and accelerate product development through engineering analysis efficiency. But traditional reporting methods waste resources and create bottlenecks. At the same time, 2D reports lack the fidelity needed to support informed decision-making. The answer lies in leveraging digital 3D data to transform simulation post-processing and reporting.  This month’s issue including an

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