Making Better Design Decisions Using 3D Digital CAE Slides for Simulation Results Processing, Reporting, Reviewing, & Refining Previous Designs From design through manufacturing, today’s new product development processes are driven by robust digital applications – with one notable exception. For many manufacturers and product development organizations, CAE analysis reporting for design validation and review remains […]

VCollab’s VMoveCAE is a robust data translator that converts native CAE results files into ultra-compact, portable CAx files that are used to author 3D digital design reviews and reports. Features Compatible with a wide range of popular CAE tools Reduces CAE file sizes by filtering and compression (achieving up to 99% file size reduction) Eliminates

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VCollab’s product suite is a new class of tool that leverages digital 3D data to transform simulation post processing and report writing. VCollab’s Intelligent Automation allows CAE Engineers to create and share 3D digital slides 60% to 90% more efficiently for better, faster, decisions by your design stakeholders all while reducing or eliminating non-value-added manual

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The time and mounting expense associated with physical testing is prompting manufacturers and product development organizations to explore other design validation options – and expanding the use of simulation is the obvious choice.  But how do companies increase simulation throughput without adding resources or further overloading their current staff of analysts? Glad you asked… Manufacturers

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With highly compressed product development schedules and limited CAE resources, day-to-day operations such as CAE reporting become a challenge with the traditional manual approach. To support confident product design decisions, analysis results must be instantaneously extracted and converted into actionable information, shared among stakeholders to address areas of concern, reviewed collaboratively to determine next steps,

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