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Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc., provides excellent benefits, competitive salaries, a good working environment, and excellent growth opportunities for the best and the brightest in the IT industry.

Benefits include: Insurance, Vacation, Paid Time Off and Training.

Please send your applications to: hr@vcollab.com

Note: If you have a background in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) or Compter Aided Design (CAD) or you are an engineer with a mechanical, civil, or  aero background, please register at www.marechi.com. Marechi is a social networking space for CAD/FEA/CFD affiliated people.  Here you can add your profile, upload 3D models and simulations, and network with the CAX community.

We are always looking for smart people with sincere passion for Computer Graphics to develop smart applications that change the way people work.

Skills Needed:

Domain: Computer Graphics, Engineering Visualization, Scientific Visualization, Virtual Reality, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Geometric Modeling, CAE Pre Processing, CAE Post Processing

Software:  OpenGL,  OpenGl Performer, Open Inventor, OpenGL Optimizer, Open SceneGraf, OpenSG, Hoops 3D, Direct x, Direct 3D,  VRML, X3D, U3D, XML, Java 3D

Virtual Reality Devices: HMD, Motion Tracker, 3D Glasses, Cyber Glove, Pinch Glove, 3D Mouse

PDM: Enovia, Matrix One, WindChill, Team Center

Information Technology Skills:

Languages: C, C++, VC++, MFC, Java, VB, ASP

Technologies: OOAD, ActiveX, .NET, Smart Clients, WEB Services, SOAP, XML, AJAX, COM, DCOM, J2EE, CORBA, DNA , EnterPrise Architectures

Methodologies: UML , SOA 

Databases: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server

OS: Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX 

Tools: VisualStudio, QT, JBuilder, VisualAge

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Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.
100 W. Big Beaver, #200
Troy, MI 48084
Tel 248-835-6880
Fax 248-498-6003

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Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc
100 WestBig Beaver, #200 Troy, MI 48084
Tel 248-835-6880
Fax 248-498-6003