CAE Data Reduction

CAE results files are large. They are getting bigger and bigger everyday. Managing these large CAE results files is a pain to the product development companies, IT departments as well as end users. VCollab provides solutions to address these large file issues.

VCollab provides an ultra compact and a common format called CAX as a solution to store the FEA and CFD models and results from many FEA/CFD software's, in an ultra compact format. This format makes the FEA and CFD model and results files portable and provide a consistent platform/strategy for global FEA and CFD data deployment.

Cax2 cax1_big Cax3_big

VCollab provides the following tools to reduce and store the large CAE models and results into CAX format.

  • VMoveCAE as a tool to create the ultra compact CAX files from many commercial software.
  • VMoveAPI to the CAE vendors or customers with in-house CAE software to create and export the CAE models and results into CAX format.
Features of CAX
  • CAX format is a highly reduced 3-D binary and light-weight data format to store CAD geometries, FEA/CFD results and the meshes.
  • CAX files not only contain the design and simulation data such as mesh, part hierarchies, simulation results etc, but also contain the post-processing information such as deformation plots, color plots, palettes, the visual information such as cameras, viewpoints, animations, and the review information such as annotations, comments and change history.
  • CAX files also store the meta data information.
  • CAX files make CAE data portable.
  • CAX files can be embedded into PowerPoint slides for 3D presentations or put into Word for archiving 3D files or embedded into WEB pages for easier sharing.
  • "CAX files along with the "VCollab Light Weight Viewer" provide a complete light weight 3D Visualization and Collaboration solution to the CAD/CAM/CAE/ other 3D authoring software companies and also to the MDO, PLM and SLM software vendors.

  • Avoid moving large FEA/CFD results files over the network, for visualization of results. Saves bandwidth costs and improves the analyst's productivity.
  • Simulation knowledge is never lost. 3D CAE results/knowledge can be stored / archived in ultra compact CAX files.
  • Extend visibility of CAE data to designers, chief engineers, test and service engineers and other stake holders.
  • Maximize the utilization of CAE investments and CAE Data.

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